We at O’Brien Orthodontics are proud of our flexible financial policies. They allow you to customize your financial arrangements to fit your personal financial situation. Our fees reflect the highest quality of orthodontic care in a friendly and caring environment. They vary according to the complexity of the case, estimated length of treatment time and patient cooperation. Our orthodontic fees do not include extractions, general dental care or fees by other dental specialists.

Our fees are divided into two parts:

Treatment Analysis Fee
This includes study models, facial and oral photographs and cephalometric X-rays. This is a separate fee from the treatment fee and is due at the time that the records are taken. This fee also includes diagnosis and treatment planning by Dr. O’Brien. This information will be presented by the Doctor or Treatment Coordinator during a consultation visit.

Treatment Fee / Payment Options

  • Office Plan – This option consists of an initial payment, followed by monthly payments. There is no interest charge if paid on time. Late payment fees are added onto an account once it is 30 days past due. Coupon books are provided to assist you in your payments. The first monthly payment is due on the first day of the month following the start of active treatment. Even if you or your child has not been seen in a given month, payments are still due as scheduled as finances are not based on patient visits. Prepayments can be made at any time with no penalty.
  • Credit Card – With this option, we set up your payments to be billed to your credit card every month. Also, we can set up automatic withdrawal from Visa, MasterCard or Discover for your monthly payment plans. Many patients prefer this method to reduce monthly billing and take advantage of credit card bonus programs.
  • Payment in Full – If you choose payment in full, we offer a 5% bookkeeping courtesy, if the total amount is paid, in full, before treatment begins.


We are happy to confirm benefits and file insurance claims for our patients. Some insurance companies require a pre-authorization. This is a procedure by which the insurance company establishes the coverage and eligibility of the insured. It will provide an estimate of the dollar amount the insurance company will be paying. It is your responsibility to inform our office of the need for pre-authorization, as well as to supply the office with the necessary insurance information. Please remember that the insurance company works for you or your employer; we merely provide information to enhance the process. Please remember, if you change insurance company during the course of treatment, it is your responsibility to notify our bookkeeping department of the change and the new information. If for some reason the insurance company terminates, or does not pay the full, expected amount, you, as the subscriber, will be responsible for the unpaid balance.

Flex Spending Programs

These programs are designed to allow you to use un-taxed dollars in order to pay for health expenses not covered by your insurance provider. Participating in a flex spending account is voluntary. Usually, the year before the expenditure, you decide to have a specified amount deducted from your paycheck. These dollars are subtracted from your gross earnings before taxes and then contributed to a reimbursement account established in your name. Every employer has certain requirements for their company’s flexible spending program; therefore, we advise you to consult with your individual plan advisor as to what your plan requires.

Thank you for choosing O’Brien Orthodontics as your orthodontic treatment provider. We appreciate your confidence in our office and look forward to working with you and/or your child.