Do Wisdom Teeth Undo Orthodontic Treatment?
Posted on 01/11/2023
Smiling patient on treatment chair

Wait – what about my teen’s wisdom teeth?

Finally, after 16 months of orthodontic treatment for my 14 year old, we achieved that beautiful smile. And now, 4 years later, it’s still picture perfect with her faithful nightly retainer wear. I’m feeling pretty confident that she will continue with her retainer routine even as she goes away to college in the fall – but WAIT! What about her wisdom teeth?

Are they going to undo all that hard work by O’Brien Orthodontics? Can wisdom teeth hurt all the achievements made by braces?

Don’t panic - for many people, wisdom teeth coming in can cause a range of problems, but oftentimes they don’t. Much of the population never has to go through the trouble and expense of having them removed (regardless of if you’ve gone through orthodontic treatment/ braces). Let’s break down the possibilities though:

Wisdom teeth are recommended for removal when…

  • Wisdom teeth are only partially erupted through the gum tissue creating a pocket that traps food or bacteria, which can lead to chronic infection
  • There’s a formation of a cyst around a wisdom tooth
  • A wisdom tooth is causing pain

During a regular orthodontic consultation at O’Brien Orthodontics, Dr. O’Brien will evaluate the wisdom teeth either clinically if already erupted in the mouth, or radiographically from the digital x-ray that is routinely taken at the exam appointment. The findings will then be discussed with you and any recommendations at that time.

Rest assured, coming in for a consultation will get you the answers you need so you don’t have to worry. If the wisdom teeth can stay in - no problem, and if they should come out to avoid any issues (pertaining to previous orthodontic work or not), we’ve got it covered.

As a top ortho in Dayton, OH and surrounding areas, Dr. O’Brien spends more time with her patients to make sure they’re not only given the best care, but that they leave with all their questions answered.

Visit us for braces, invisalign, wisdom teeth consultations, and more – we can’t wait to see you!