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Caramel apples

Just got braces and worried about what you can and can't eat, best practices for hygiene, and more?

Don't worry - Dr. O'Brien and her team in both Beavercreek and Englewood never just send you on your way without guidance and help!

Oftentimes, beginning orthodontic treatment with braces can seem daunting.  Not only will it require future appointments and procedures to keep up with, but it may introduce some temporary lifestyle changes for the patient.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene with braces:

Although oral hygiene is important at every stage of life, keeping those pearly whites clean and bright when wearing braces becomes even more critical as you navigate orthodontic treatment because it has a direct effect on your health, smile esthetics, and the effectiveness of your treatment!

Some of the consequences that result from poor oral hygiene include:

  • Cavities
  • Permanent markings on the enamel
  • Gum infections/inflammation (gingivitis)
  • Decreased treatment effectiveness

Dr. O'Brien and the team at O'Brien Orthodontics will review proper brushing and flossing with you the day your braces are placed, and we will provide you with special orthodontic flossers to help you easily keep up with your oral hygiene during treatment. As for food, we'll also go over anything you'll need to be careful with (and what's totally off the menu for a while!). Then, of course, we'll be there for you throughout your treatment.

To learn more, ask questions, and meet your orthodontic care team - give us a call at 937-832-2087 to schedule a complimentary exam. See you and your smile soon!