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Did you know that 36-50% of American adults are embarrassed or insecure about their smile?

As we begin a new year, we will see a rise in gym memberships, the start of new diet fads, plastic and skin cosmetic procedures, as well as adult orthodontic treatment, specifically Invisalign therapy. Of these procedures, only 1 can truly last a lifetime - orthodontic treatment.

At O'Brien Orthodontics, a top orthodontist in Dayton and surrounding areas, 40% of our total patients are adults and 50% of our total patients choose Invisalign therapy for their treatment!

Generally, equal results can be achieved with either braces or Invisalign in most orthodontic cases. However, there are certain bite situations in which one system is more effective for treatment.

All factors being equal though, as patients consider which treatment modality to utilize, the pros and cons of each system should be reviewed:

Invisalign vs Braces with a Top Orthodontist

Invisalign Pros

  • Aligners are aesthetic because they are clear
  • Keeping teeth clean is easy because aligners are removable
  • There are no food restrictions because the aligners are removable

Invisalign Cons

  • The patient must be disciplined to wear the aligners 24/7
  • If your eating schedule is in frequent intervals, your schedule must also allow time for brushing or rinsing the teeth before replacing the aligners

Braces Pros

  • Appliances are bonded to the teeth so the patient does not have to remember to wear them

Braces Cons

  • Hygiene is more difficult and time-consuming to maintain
  • Certain foods are discouraged to prevent appliance breakage or wire distortion

Depending on your schedule and lifestyle, level of discipline, and aesthetic preferences, one system may be a better choice for you than the other. With either choice though, a certain amount of tooth soreness for short intervals is inevitable as the teeth initially move toward their corrected positions… a worthwhile tolerance for the smile of your life!

Want a consultation, a state-of-the-art outcome simulator scan, and to get your brand new smile this year, with Invisalign OR braces? We can't wait to see you at one of our Top Ortho offices in either Beavercreek or Englewood!