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clear aligner invisalign in hands of top orthodontist

Did you know that 0% of orthopedic patients who have fractures or broken bones treat themselves at home by ordering plaster online to make their own cast?

Yet, in a survey of 1,573 adults, 32.2% selected Direct to Consumer orthodontics over seeking orthodontic treatment from a credentialed specialist (orthodontist) who not only completed 4 years of dental school to earn a dental degree, but then completed a 3-year residency to train exclusively in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics to earn a specialty certificate and master's degree.

Now - we're all for accessibility and ease of use. BUT:

The online market has been flooded in the past few years with many direct-to-consumer companies for clear aligners to straighten teeth. At-home Invisalign, basically.

The customer orders an impression kit to make an imprint of their teeth at home and sends it back to the company for fabrication of plastic trays by a "factory" with no treatment planning or direction from a dental provider, let alone a top orthodontist.

In addition, how accurate do you think that impression is when it is taken by a lay person?

What about how stable the impression is in the days in the mail?

What's the "allowed" margin of error?

Plus, unlike what we can see in-office (with a scanner, much preferred over impressions), there's no view of ROOT movements, and how the roots (not just crowns) of the teeth may need to move.

On top of simple aesthetics and straight smiles, orthodontics and creating a HEALTHY smile takes a lot more into account, like bone structure, jaw health, and much more. That type of info is found through clinical exams, x-rays, and more for quality, comprehensive treatment.

Lastly - even if you're just here for the aesthetics, do you know what happens if the at-home kits don't straighten your teeth (or worse, due to error make bite problems worse)?

Massive direct-to-customer services like this are not available like a doctor in your town. Hence the recent bankruptcy filing from the largest direct-to-consumer aligner company due to several large class action lawsuits.

At-home kits and innovative approaches to common problems are FANTASTIC when mistakes and problems are reversible or of low consequence. However, the treatment (health AND aesthetics) of your jaw and mouth is better left to properly trained and credentialed providers, in-person relationships, and access to state-of-the-art tools.

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