What The Top Beavercreek Orthodontist Has to Say About Teeth Whitening + Invisalign
Posted on 05/02/2023
Patient getting teeth color evaluated

At O’Brien Orthodontics, one of the best orthodontists in Beavercreek, we know how important it is to feel confident with your smile.

And oftentimes what we see with the families that visit us is delight when kids finally finish their orthodontic treatment… and then parents realizing they’d be more confident with their own smile if only their teeth were whiter or straighter.

So here’s everything you need to know about professional teeth whitening + Invisalign from a top orthodontist in Beavercreek…

First of all, yellowing teeth is entirely normal.

As our teeth age, there is an increase in the dentin (the middle layer) of a tooth. It is the dentin layer that imparts color to teeth since the outer layer (the enamel) is itself translucent.

Depending on the natural hue (yellow-gray) of the dentin, a variety of tooth shades can exist. Therefore, as we mature and the amount of dentin increases, so does the color saturation that becomes visible through the translucent enamel.

(Now, enamel is not always innocent of tooth discoloration. Enamel is permeable, allowing certain compounds to be taken up into the enamel, thus staining the teeth. Common substances that stain teeth are wine, tea, coffee, colas, and tobacco products.)

So how can you safely whiten your teeth? What about if you’re doing an Invisalign treatment?

If you currently have (or are planning on using) Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you’ll want to wait until after the treatment to whiten your teeth. 

The attachments that are bonded to your teeth to aid the aligners with tooth movement would block those areas on your teeth from the whitening agent!

But don’t fret, after Invisalign, teeth whitening is easy and effective.

At our Beavercreek Orthodontist office, Dr. O’Brien will provide you with…

Dr. O’Brien will provide you with professional-strength whitening strips to use at home. Professional whitening strips have a concentration of the whitening agent approximately 5X greater than what you would find over the counter.

You’ll simply apply the strips once a day for one hour over a two-week period, and voila! Your newly straightened teeth would be shining whiter than ever before!

Our top orthodontist in Beavercreek would caution that your teeth may feel slightly sensitive for a couple of days during and after whitening, but this is temporary.

So what are you waiting for? Dr. O’Brien herself is excited to welcome your family and see not just how we can straighten up with braces or Invisalign, but whiten so everyone in the family can feel more confident with their smiles.

Call to set up your appointment today and start your journey with one of the best orthodontists in Beavercreek today: (937) 438-1770.