What’s That Scanning Machine at The Orthodontist/Dentist & Why Do I Need It? (& how to know if your Top Ortho has the best equipment)
Posted on 09/22/2023
A picture of someone using a tablet to look at images taken from a CBCT.

Spoiler alert: CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scans produce clearer, more precise images than digital X-rays, which can make a huge difference in your treatment plan! While this is a valuable advantage, it isn’t the only reason we choose to use this variation of CAT scan imaging as a top orthodontist in Englewood & Beavercreek, Ohio!

Some scan technology you may have run into at different dental and orthodontic offices are CAT scans, X-Ray, and CBCT. CBCT scans have a number of advantages – some of which may surprise you. Did you know that CBCT scans have minimal radiation exposure compared to a conventional CAT scan? They still produce 3D images but are kinder to human tissues AND kinder to the environment.

So what are the orthodontic benefits of CBCT scans? AKA, Why should you care? Well…

The images that are generated are much clearer due to the layering of 150-200 high-resolution pictures taken during the imaging process (which takes less than a minute to complete!). These high-quality views are three-dimensional, which allows Dr. O’Brien to determine the location and orientation of teeth that are still in your jaw bone and not in your mouth.

When it comes to getting you a healthy smile that you’re proud of, that is invaluable information, especially where impacted teeth are concerned. The images reveal their exact position relative to the roots of adjacent teeth. In addition, these teeth can be evaluated according to their position in bone, AND the bones themselves are clearly viewed to help in the diagnosis of jaw alignment problems.

All in all, CBCT imaging just allows for a more accurate diagnosis and, therefore, a more definitive treatment plan for each patient. That’s why it’s what we use at both our locations in Englewood and Beavercreek, and have been a top orthodontist in your area for years!

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