Can I do Invisalign instead of braces? Invisalign vs Braces: Everything You Need to Know in 2024
Posted on 04/12/2024
invisalign or braces blog by top dayton oh orthodontist

Did you know that women typically only apply for job positions when they know they are 100% qualified, whereas men will apply for a job when they know they are only 64% qualified? Most job recruiters recommend that their clients go ahead and apply for positions they are 60% qualified for – because you don’t know until you at least inquire.

The last statement applies as well to the appliance system for orthodontic treatment. Many people are dissatisfied with their smile and want to seek treatment to straighten their teeth or fix their bite, but they are not willing to have braces on their teeth, and they assume that Invisalign won’t work for their circumstances or because the DIY online clear aligners that their friend tried made their teeth worse!

Well, you don’t know until you at least inquire……..with a top orthodontist like us here in Englewood and Beavercreek! Not the online company that sends you plastic molded around teeth impressions that you have taken on yourself.

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The majority of orthodontic cases can be treated equally well with either Invisalign or braces. 

Each system has its pros/cons in terms of how it fits into your lifestyle and personality. What I mean by that: if you are a disciplined person who has regular, designated times for eating, then Invisalign may be a good option for you. Invisalign works well only if it is in contact with your teeth 23/7 and can be incorporated into your daily schedule.

Hospital nurses, for example, may find Invisalign inconvenient as they typically work 12+ hour shifts without a designated meal break. They have to eat on the fly whenever the short opportunity presents itself, so having time to remove aligners, eat, brush/rinse the teeth, and replace aligners is not always possible, resulting in aligners being out for several hours rather than minutes.

This time without wearing the Invisalign/aligners can make the treatment less effective (or ineffective entirely).

Another scenario where Invisalign may not be the better choice would be the undisciplined patient who removes the aligners to eat and then forgets or doesn’t feel like replacing them, and so the aligners end up only being worn at night when sleeping.

On the other hand, braces may not be the better choice for those patients who are not regular or thorough with their brushing/flossing. This context can actually be damaging to the teeth and gums, so these factors should be strongly considered as well.

Overall, for most bite problems, the choice of utilizing Invisalign vs braces can often be made by the patient after an honest review of their own personality, because each system has its own sets of patient responsibilities.

If you’re unsure which is right for you and want help beginning an Invisalign OR braces treatment yourself, please come in and see us! We’re one of the best orthodontists for braces and Invisalign in the Dayton/Englewood/Beavercreek areas and we can’t wait to make sure you get the treatment that’s best for you.